Track your assets and processes
Kii helps businesses in manufacturing, logistics, ports and shipyards to streamline your operations leveraging modern digital technologies, i.e. mobile, cloud, analytics and Internet-of-Things.

Deploy tools to track & support your

  • logistics
  • field work
  • production or service process
  • maintenance workshop
  • containers, tools, vehicles, machines

Take full control of

  • What, where, when, who, how?
  • Where are the most significant cost factors and trends from the past or deviations from the baseline?

Let us identify together how to best match your needs

  • Data collection and reporting that are easy to deploy, just a simple mobile app or something more
  • Solutions that are scalable, secure and cost efficient
  • Contact us here and let us discuss what could best help you to improve your business performance!



Start tracking your processes and assets to save significant cost and to have truly fact based management for all your operations. Take in control where are the most significant things happening in your manufacturing, logistics or service process or where are your assets moving. Let us make it easy, cost effective and create new value for your business.


Offer your customers better service in their smartphones or tablets to engage them more with your brand and show leadership in customer experience. Let us create competitive advantage for you by making your products connected and hence making them easier to install, maintain and use.


Internet of things both challenges old business models and creates new opportunities. Companies are transforming their business from product sales to services sales. Let us open completely new business opportunities for you by collection of new data from your and your customer processes leveraging your existing assets.


  • Mobile & Internet of Things solutions for your business
  • Solution can be just a mobile app or the ”whole triangle”
  • Agility & cost efficiency
  • Specifications, proof-of-concepts & End-2-End solutions


We deliver complete e2e solutions with mobile apps, cloud and wireless sensors to meet your business need. We cost efficiently build solutions for your business need based on existing assets and our strong development experience. A solution can be simply a mobile app that leverages data from your backend services or a full solution with mobile apps, cloud service and wireless sensors. Request a free consultancy call or send a request for quotation to us here.


Often in new application areas or with a completely new concept it is worth it to have small a feasibility study and then a proof-of-concept. As a small, agile and cost efficient company with our high expertise and ability to quickly grasp customer business situation we are an ideal partner to test new concepts just in months or even in weeks. The new concept can be e.g. new kind of  mobile UX for your customers or new kind of operational solution to monitor the health of your machines to increase their uptime or monitoring solution to save cost in maintenance of your premises or other assets. Request a free consultancy call here.


Not many of us can claim to have a crystal clear tangible plan for how to grasp the Internet-of-Things for our businesses. We are an ideal and cost efficient partner to help you to define better why, what and how both at the high level business planning but all the way to the nuts and bolts of mobile, cloud and wireless sensor technologies. In this way you save money in the next phases and can speed up time to market. In practice this can be a strategic plan, technology study, architecture definition (e.g. for an RFQ) or feasibility study. Request a free consultancy call here.



Internet of Things and Industrial Internet solutions typically consist of wireless sensors, cloud service and the UX. Your every customer and every employee probably has a smartphone and mobile is already the primary UX device for everything in the Internet. It is always with us, has a lot of processing power, can sense the environment and is aggressively priced due to high volumes. Therefore, in addition to being the primary UI mobile becomes quickly a very useful Internet gateway for sensor data, which creates completely new opportunities.


Open source, power of cheap & fail fast mentality drive the innovation in the Internet of Things. We don’t reinvent the wheel but leverage Open Source and the fact that there is a huge number of Internet of Things apps developed all the time worldwide driving the cost of deployment down all the time. This also allows failing fast, failing cheap and failing often to create the winning concepts. We think that from our first meeting, there should be first tangible results even in weeks! And in months you shall be able to decide whether continue or start massively deploying the solution. This is what we mean by agility.


You should not limit IoT activity to finetuning your operational cost. We can help you to innovate new kind of business models. This requires obviously combination of understanding the business and technology and optimally based on great co-operation between you and us. This probably also requires analysis of the raw data to get something out that benefits real business for you and your customers that can be existing customers or completely new ones.



Optimization of site visits

If your process includes e.g. a lot of site visits to maintain or update physical assets or to deliver stuff, you would probably benefit from apps that would streamline your operations. That can include just route planning but also e.g. monitoring to optimize the time and fuel used for the visits as well as support for the actions at the site.

Asset tracking

If you have a significant amount of assets (e.g. containers, vehicles, machines or tools), you can track their ID and location to know where they are and where they were earlier.

Operational processes health monitoring

By tracking your operational processes and products you can increase your process efficiency and potentially produce completely new kind of data for your existing or new customers with a completely new business model. You can track your machines, vehicles, tools, shipments, shipped products, office use etc. The sky is the limit but let us remember to first define clear business objectives.


Your best customers are a good starting point to try how they could be even happier and to buy even more based on really personal service that makes their life easier and matches their own preferences and interests. A simple example is smart signage, i.e. how give them easily more information on the product or any assets based on proximity of the item. This you can extend further by matching the customer profile with the real-world context to help them easier to find products they really want and to purchase them easily. Today mobile allows you quite cost efficiently to even offer your customers games to better engage them with your brand. Or you can just offer them a better e-commerce experience with mobile users as the primary target.

Agile integration of scale device APIs to customer web service APIs enabling customer to meet the marine industry SOLAS requirements for the VGM data.

Mobile web shop for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices (distribution via web and iTunes App Store).

One of the first touch based mobile applications for Nokia’s first touch devices.

A new kind of way for a mobile app to communicate with other devices.


”Ideas for how to leverage mobile and Internet-of-Things in your business”

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